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What people are saying
"The Lean Startup Circle has a strong online presence but we've found that people are willing to share much more about their business in person. lunches have proven to be a great way for Lean Startup Circle members to get together and discuss the intimate details of their businesses with each other." Rich C
"I think it is so hard to preserve the kind of fulfilling social experiences we enjoyed in college when we join the work force. Not eating alone is a great way of preserving that. I think is great, what you guys are doing is great!" Daniel S
"I had a great time at the new Wednesdays lunch over at Ducroix. The food was delicious, and the small tables we broke off into really allowed us to share insights and experiences from our 'startup lives'. Having picked up new resources and contacts from the experience, I'll definitely be back!" Peter I
My Wednesdays makes it easy. Give us the names of the people with whom you want to stay in touch, and we'll reach out on your behalf to fill your lunchtimes...on Wednesdays, of course. My Wednesdays is currently in private beta. To be alerted to when this will be publicly available, please click here and provide your email.
What people are saying
" There seem to be a lot of silos here as folks are heads down working on projects. But with Wednesdays, the response was terrific. I'm confident this will be a successful, ongoing program as it's bridged the communication barrier between different groups." Asim R., Director of Engineering at a Fortune 500 company